Monday, 28 October 2013

We have a date for PCI

Quite a bit has been happening at our house. We had great news about the garage door. Our SS's manager drove past our house the other day to have a look and he talked to the colour consultants and then called up my Hubby and said that we can choose a different garage door colour. We were both happy about the outcome, but are now nervous that we have to choose a colour ourselves. Here are the Timber Coat colours to choose from. 

We are thinking of going with Jakoba as we think it is the closest match, but we are not 100% sure as the colour of the 'cedar' on the picture and our house are quite different so the colour of 'Jakoba' on the picture will probably look different in real life too.  What do you think? 

Our main floors are now tiled too and they look terrific. We are really happy with them.
Here is a picture of them- they are still dirty here, but you get the idea.  

Our site fence came down last Friday too. 

Also our verandah was fixed up. In the top photo you can see it was made out of pine with a board at the front which was going to be painted but that was not what we paid for. Now (although it is a bad picture) you can see our verandah is made of cedar.

Also we finally have a walkthrough/PCI date with our SS, which is tomorrow. I hope we don't find too much that needs to be fixed. Our SS said that after our walk through we should have the keys in one or two weeks max. I hope he is right. 


  1. I think Jatoba or Teak would match the cedar. I'm not 100% sure because i dont know how it really looks in real.

  2. Your tiles looks great.. What colour is your paint?

  3. Thanks Glacier. Our paint is called Martini (taubmans).

  4. Try getting you hands on a set of colour samples for the garage door and compare it in real life. I wouldn't trust comparing colour charts on a monitor screen to a photo.

  5. Your house looks great, love all the colours. Not long now!!

  6. Was the cedar to the verandah part of the trend facade or was it part of the cedar window frames?

  7. What colour garage door did you end up choosing? I'm looking at jotoba now and wonder how it will look