Tuesday, 15 October 2013

So close now.....

Hubby and I drove to the house in bad moods last night as we were upset that our SS is refusing to fix our garage door problem (so far). Rawson messed up our cedar cladding (it was meant to be laid vertical not horizontal) and we left it, they messed up our kitchen bench tops (was meant to be osprey not urban) we left it, they are messing up our verandah (is meant to be made fully out of cedar but is made out of pine) and we are leaving it but asking for at least the outside edge to be cedar so it matches the house. We have swallowed all of their mistakes so we think it is only fair that they fix up just one of their mistakes because this one we are not swallowing- it looks awful!

Our moods were lifted after looking at the house and seeing how much work was completed in two days. I don't know about your builds, but usually with ours no work starts till around Wednesday and then we might have tradies working on the house for 2 or 3 days if we are lucky. But not this week- in just two days the glass on our verandah went in, as well as shower screens, bathtubs, mirrors, air conditioning ducts and shelves in all the cupboards, wardrobes and pantry. Wow things certainly start moving when you get towards the end of the build. Although there doesn't seem to be much left to do on the house besides flooring, scaffolding removal and driveway, our SS still won't give us a date to when it will be ours. 

My powerpoint in the island bench- you just pull it up when you need power 

 My sink

Our verandah. Now that it is finally complete, the scaffolding can come down Yay!! 

Close up on verandah. Hopefully the blue board will be replaced with cedar so it matches the rest of the house. 

 My walk-in pantry

 The shower in the kids bathroom

 The kids bath

 The vanity in the ensuite

 The bath in our ensuite (it isn't really yellow)

The rain shower head which is in both showers


  1. think you should send an email to your SS's manager. you will always win as long as you have it in writing.. And you do not have to put up with all those nonsense, because you are paying a big money for it..

    Please dont waste your time.. go for it..

  2. We have been in contact with our SS's manager and he said he will talk to the colour consultants to find out what happened and also drive past our house in person and take some photos and then get back to us. We are waiting for him to get back to us now.

  3. Was the blue board part of the trend facade or was that an upgrade along with the cedar window frames?