Friday, 30 August 2013

Things are all happening now

This week the pace started to pick up and we almost had someone on site every day this week. We had the electricity and air con roughed in, the ducted vacuuming installed, the waterproofing for wet areas completed as well as the lower floor of the house brick cleaned (except for the front of the house where the scaffolding is still up waiting for the verandah to go up). Next week will see the insulation and gyprock completed and the week after my kitchen installed. So excited!!!

 Our nice clean house

 The insulation ready to go in. It doesn't look like a lot so I hope they ordered enough.

 These cables are just for the TVs and internet. I think hubby may have gone a bit overboard....

The house with electrical cables, air con, ducted vacuuming, drop down ceiling and sliding door cavities all complete. Notice the gap at the top of the kitchen window- hopefully that gets fixed soon.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Garage roof on

The roofers finally came on Saturday to put on the garage roof. Although the house seems to be moving slowly at the moment, our SS said that after the garage roof is on, the house should be finished in 8 to 10 weeks. Pretty excited about that.
Last week the carpenters also came back and finished the cladding and replaced the darkest pieces of wood.

This week there was no one on site Mon to Wed but yesterday the electricians came to rough in and the carpenters installed the sliding door cavities and fixed up the timber frames so they are ready for council inspection next Tuesday and gyprock :)
Today the carpenters will hopefully be back to start the verandah and feature battens.

SS also said that the kitchen and the staircase will start going in 9th September!!!!!! 😊

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Cladding Dramas

More cedar cladding finally came on Friday, and on Monday the carpenters came back to put it up. Hubby had the day off and scheduled a time to meet the SS on site so he could discuss a few things such as why there was three and a half pallets of roof tiles left over. 

Hubby was happy to see the carpenters finally putting up the cladding, but couldn't believe it when he saw that they had put the cladding on the wrong way. We wanted the cladding installed like the display home (vertically) but instead the cladding was installed horizontally. Although we would have preferred the cladding installed vertically, we decided to leave it as is as it would add another 2 weeks to the build on top of the already wasted two weeks waiting for the cladding and carpenters. Then to add insult to injury, we asked the carpenters if the cladding would be finished that day or if they had to come back tomorrow to finish it. They replied that they have run out of cladding and couldn't finish the job until more gets delivered. Unbelievable!!!! On top of that, they couldn't start the timber slat feature above the front door as there was not enough wood delivered for that either!

On another note, the painters came yesterday and painted the eaves, the moroka finish on the top half of the pole and lacquered the cladding. We are not really happy with the three dark pieces on the right hand side so will ask the carpenters to replace them with lighter pieces once they come back. 

This is what the house looks like now. Although I am disappointed by the set backs of late, I am really happy with the way it is coming together. 

The moroka finish on the pole. It is lighter than I thought it would be, but I like it. It is called 'foxtail' by Taubmans.

You can see the dark pieces of wood that we want replaced in this picture. I think they stand out too much.

 From this picture you can see where the carpenters ran out of cedar cladding. 

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Slowly, slowly

Well there has not been much action these last two weeks. We had to wait to get the carpenters at our house (as they are very busy lately) and when they came they put up our eaves and then left. We rang our SS to find out why they didn't put the cladding up and apparently even though 160 metres of wood was ordered for the cladding, only 16 metres were delivered. Now we are waiting another week for more to be delivered (it should be delivered today or Monday).

Also nothing else can happen until the cladding goes on as the scaffolding needs to be lowered for the garage roof and the verandah to go up. I guess things like this happen, but it is extremely annoying when your house is sitting there for 2 weeks with not much going on when we are so close to lock up.