Friday, 21 June 2013


This week hasn't been a very productive week. The brickies finished bricking the first layer of bricks last Thursday and the scaffolding was supposed to go up on Tuesday, and then the brickies were to continue working the following day. Instead the scaffolding went up on Wednesday and when I drove past on Friday I was disappointed when I saw that no bricking had been completed at all. I was told that the bricks would take 3 weeks to go up, but seeing as no work was completed this week, it will now be four weeks if we are lucky. To make it worse, rain is forecast for next week.... :(

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Our bricks are going up....

As promised, yesterday the brickies started working on our house. They managed to brick 20 rows to most of the front and left side of the house. I am really happy with their work so far, their work is really neat.

Now that I can see what they look like up, I really love my bricks. I just found out that they are the same bricks they used on the Seaview display house at Kellyville, so now I love them even more. I cannot wait to see how much they get done today :)

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Frames complete

Frames are all complete now and we are really happy with them. It is starting to look like a house now. Here is a picture of the front of the house with nearly all the windows in.

The front windows have been covered up with plastic to protect them from rain as they are wooden windows and not stained yet.

Here is the left side of the house and some of our bricks. Apparently there are 18000 bricks going into this house. Sounds like the brickies will be busy.

Here is our kitchen window. It was an upgrade and we are upset because it has a frame through the middle of it. Apparently they put in the wrong window and it will be fixed up soon.

Here are our bricks. They are Boral Escura smooth face bricks in choc tan colour. I am hoping they look good on our house. They are a bit darker than I thought they would be but I think I like them. I guess I will find out next week when the brickies start working.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

First floor frames

Our windows arrived last Wednesday. I cannot wait to see them go in to see how they look. 

 The boys have been working really hard and have almost completed the first floor frames already. Next will be the roof frames. This is the left side of the house.

 This is the front of the house and more windows. The cedar windows will go in the front of the house and the woodland grey ones will go everywhere else. 

Our SS said our bricks will arrive on Monday/Tuesday. We are looking forward to seeing them as we have not seen these bricks in person yet. We originally picked out different bricks, but Bingara would not approve them as they wanted us to have smooth face bricks. We had to choose bricks really quickly so that our plans could go to council, so we chose them out of a brick catalogue. Hopefully they look just as good in real life....

 Our frames are dues to be completed on Wednesday and the brickies are booked in to start the following Monday. Things are really starting to move along. Fingers crossed we will be in by Christmas.....