Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Kitchen bench top dramas!!!

I was very excited to see our kitchen bench tops go in until I realised that they were the wrong colour!!! Early on at our colour consultation, we chose greyish colour kitchen cupboards and urban colour caesar-stone bench tops to match. A few days later, we decided we wanted our kitchen to be the same colours as the seaview display home we love so much. The colour consultant said it was fine and she changed all the colours for us- or so we thought. Turns out that she changed the cupboard colour for us but forgot to change the bench top colour from Urban to Osprey. Silly us didn't realise this until today. 

I am not that upset about it as I think the Urban colour is nice, I am just not 100% convinced it goes with the Malt cupboards. If I do not like it after painting is finished, I might pay to change the top cupboards to a colour that better suits the bench tops, because changing the bench tops would be far too expensive. 

Anyway, here are some photos of the kitchen. What do you think???

The bathroom bench tops are Osprey- the colour our kitchen bench tops were meant to be. 

Monday, 23 September 2013

Bathroom tiling begins

Last week the tilers was there tiling the bathrooms and laundry. They look to be doing a good job so far. Looks like they just need to tile between the mirror and vanity in the bathrooms now and finish some grouting.

The laundry. These are the same tiles that will be on the main floor. 

Our ensuite

 Our ensuite. Hopefully the mosaic tiles between the vanity and mirror will be started soon.

 The kids bathroom. It is so dirty at the moment- I feel like cleaning it up...

The niche in the shower of the kids bathroom. We have one in the ensuite shower too.

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Kitchen installed

Our kitchen was installed yesterday and it looks great. I have been waiting for this all build so I am really excited!!
The bathroom cabinets have also been installed and all the cornices, and most of the doors and architraves are finished. It is looking like a real house now.

 The kids bathroom cabinets

 The ensuite bathroom cabinets

 The shelves in our bathroom

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Locked Out!

It has been a super busy week at our house already. Yesterday the stairs went in and they look great. Today the front and back door went in so we are now locked out. I am both happy and sad about that- I will now have to catch tradies at the house so I can take a peak. Also today the carpenters installed some internal doors, put a timber feature above our sliding doors, put the cedar pergola up, as well as started the skirting boards and architraves!!

 Our stairs

 The main bedroom. Behind the wall will be the wardrobe.

 The side pergola we had to have for a corner facade

 Our gorgeous pivot front door.

 The wooden feature above the sliding doors. It was a nice surprise as i didn't know we were getting it. 

 The back laundry door

Sunday, 8 September 2013


The insulation and gyprock was done this week and it looks great so far. The cornices still need to go up and should be completed soon. The verandah floor went up this week too so it was a very busy week. Very excited for next week as the stairs go in Monday, the doors go on Tuesday (so hopefully house will be at lock up stage this week- Yay!) and the kitchen goes in on Friday. 

 Here you can see the lounge room and our sliding doors

 Our kitchen with the drop ceiling and window splash back.The door leads into the walk-in pantry

The front lounge room with cedar windows. The black plastic is there to protect them as they have not been stained yet.

 View at the front door looking towards the back of the house

 The verandah

What our house looks like so far. Some of the cedar cladding still needs to be stained and the verandah needs to be finished. Hopefully the site will be cleaned soon as there is a fair bit of rubbish lying around.